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Infant Program

At Precious Beginnings Montessori, Plano, our Infant Program’s goal is to help your child grow emotionally, socially, physically, and cognitively using Montessori principles. Our Plano Montessori School uses many interactive activities including music, stories, and small movements to help build body control. Our infants are under the care of our experienced staff who attentively care for the children and are ready to work with them with the goal of exploring life while building cognitive and motor skills each day. We ensure each child explores while maintaining a safe, calm environment where they can grow at their own, personalized pace.

Additionally, our Montessori in Plano is in a beautiful, peaceful environment where our infants learn best and are able to foster their senses including touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste. Because we know that the infants are not vaccinated against Covid-19, we have taken all precautions recommended by the CDC guidelines. We hope you will explore our Montessori School in Plano as a possible option for your child. Check our Photo gallery for brief introduction.