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Toddler Program


Precious Beginnings Montessori, Plano Toddler program is for children 18 months through approximately 2.5 years of age. Unlike some schools, our toddler classroom is an academic environment.

Parents and visitors are always surprised by the calm atmosphere of the classroom and the way our toddler students focus, work, and learn. The classroom is well-equipped with Montessori materials and children who start out in this room begin to discover their independence and develop self-confidence at the earliest possible age.

In addition to doing Montessori “work”, our toddlers have circle time, arts and crafts, outdoor play, Spanish, and Music. The toddler classroom is a joy to observe, as the children are constantly and happily learning. Parents are impressed by the abilities their toddlers demonstrate in the classroom and are comforted by the loving and nurturing environment.

Toddlers may enroll in the Full Day, School Day, or Half-day Program and may attend two, three, or five days per week.

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